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 Our Mission Statement

 Goldy Mane Collection was created to liberate the manes of black kings and queens of this modern century restoring their crowns through the healing of the mane. This brand is not only a hair styling service it's a therapy service serving all clients love, & information through treatments, natural products, healthy hair knowledge, and black hair culture. With love, compassion, and honor we stand together as the Mane Pack strong hair roots and powerful looks. 





Deposits are only to secure and book an appointment with Goldy, it is NOT included in the final service price. The deposit needs to be sent the latest 3 days prior to appointment to secure.



          DEPOSIT for Service- $10.00

          DEPOSIT for LASH - $5.00


Late Policy

10 MINUTES - $5.00

20 Minutes - $15.00

30 Minutes - $20.00

1 Hour - $50.00

Appointment Policy

All clients must arrive at the appointment with their hair washed and detangled unless a washing service has been previously requested.  All washing services must be requested besides treatment services. Washing services are $10.00 gold shillings. 
- If you arrive with dirty or tangled hair without requesting a washing service your appointment would either be canceled or a convenience fee of $10.00 would be charged. Creating a style with clean hair is not only hygienic but it helps the style last longer.

Lace Policy

All lace wig and frontal services require communication for the first install regarding the description of brand, type of hair, and type of frontal used. Scheduled optional drop-offs or pickups of frontal and wig for bleaching knots and plucking to reduce appointment time which is recommended needs to be communicated. 

Communication Policy

  • Communication about any sensitivities to glues, makeup, and products. 

  • Communication about any allergies to foods, pets, etc. 

  • No last-minute payment change request. 

  • Communication during the service of opinions and more information on how you want your style to look and feel. 




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